Meet Our Staff



             Pastor Eddie Young

Our Deacons ++ from left to right + Greg Hyman, Willard McKay, (Chairman), Thad Galloway, Ricky Singletary

Our Sunday School Superintendent and Secretary ++ Charles “Chuck” Amerson, Sheila Singletary

Our Ushers ++ From Left To Right + Noah Tolson, Charles “Chuck” Amerson, Trey Ard, Will Heustess

Video + Sound From Left to Right: Charles (Chuck) Amerson, Trey Ard

                         Greg Hyman                         Our Music Director

Our Music ++ Left to Right: Daphene Parnell Organist, + Phoebie Heustess Pianist

                 Jason Singletary                  Our Choir Director

Our Nursery Volunteers ++ From Left To Right: Back row, George Tolson, Ginger Tolson, Kim Hyman, Front row: Ann McKay, Shana Welch, Gloria McKay (Nursery Coordinator), Ashley Weston, Hannah Amerson

Cont. Nursery Volunteers ++ From Left To Right + Lynn Pate, Pam Lawhon, Kristy Pate

                      Willard McKay                           Our Treasurer

                   Daphene Parnell                         Our Clerk

Our Greeters ++ From Left To Right: Charles (Chuck) Amerson, Trey Ard, Noah Tolson, Thad Galloway

Our Children Church Staff ++ From Left To Right: Jared Singletary (Children Church Coordinator), Sheila Singletary, Wanda Bryant, Greg Hyman

Our Sunday School Teachers ++ Beginners (K4-1st grade) From Left To Right: Ashley Weston, Hannah Amerson

Our Teen Sunday School Teachers ++ From Left to Right + Lynn Pate, Phoebie Heustess

Our Adult Sunday School Teachers ++ From Left To Right + Lenny Bass, Greg Hyman

Our Children Activities Director + Lindsey Grantham

Our Youth Activities Directors ++ From Left To Right + Phoebie Heustess, Will Heustess, Charles (Chuck) Amerson, Lynn Pate

Our V B S Directors ++ From Left To Right +             Lynne Amerson, Ashley Weston